yard cleanups

Yard Cleanups

Spring & Fall Yard Cleanups available in Sprague, Canterbury, Lisbon, and Griswold, Connecticut

There’s a lot of responsibility with the maintenance that comes with owning property and also keeping the inside of your home nice and clean. It can be time-consuming and exhausting enough, but lawn maintenance and yard cleanup can seem like a near-impossible task for many – especially those of us who may have physical impairments or work many hours. For this reason, we offer yard clean-up services to homeowners and business owners. We provide leaf pickup, stick and dirt pickup, as well as mulch installation and tree and shrub pruning

If you have lots of trees on and around your property, then you are more than likely to suffer from the never-ending battle of leaves and sticks being blown all around your yard in the fall. With our yard clean-up services, we will pick up all the sticks and leaves, so you can finally enjoy your yard again without the hassle of struggling to find the time and energy to do it yourself. It can be very time-consuming –  especially without the proper equipment. When hiring a professional, you don’t have to worry or stress about what supplies to get, which leaf blower is the most cost-effective, which one works the best, etc. We already have the equipment and we are available so you can save yourself time and effort!

Another problem our services solve is weed removal. Weeds will always spring up in your garden beds in the spring and summer, and when it happens, it kills your plants. We will rid your yard of weeds so you can enjoy your bright beautiful yard again.

If you are trying to sell your house, our yard cleanup services can truly assist in upgrading the curb appeal of your home. 

We also offer tree and shrub-pruning services. Pruning is the act of removing unnecessary branches and roots for the overall health of the plant or tree. Pruning is usually done during the fall, but this can vary depending on the types of plants or trees you have. We know how much to prune to keep your shrubs and/or trees healthy and encourage a hearty regrowth in the following seasons.

Installing a new mulch bed or refreshing an existing mulch bed can also take a lot of work, time, and effort, which is why many people hire yard clean-up services like ours to have this chore taken care of. A professional lawn care maintenance team has the skills needed to lay mulch and will save you the hassle of hauling it to your house, installing it, and cleaning up the mess it can make.

Hiring us to clean up your yard saves you time and stress. You could undoubtedly spend hours a week trying to take care of your lawn, not to mention that the work can be incredibly difficult on the body. Top Notch Property Services, serving Sprague, Lisbon, Griswold and Canterbury, Connecticut, takes all of this off your plate so you can simply enjoy your beautiful property.