snow removal in CT

Snow Plowing

Snow removal and plowing services are available for driveways and parking lots in Sprague, Canterbury, Lisbon, and Griswold, Connecticut.

24-Hour Snow Removal Services

Have someone else take care of snow removal services for your driveway or parking lot.  Top Notch Property Services will plow your driveway, parking lot, and/or walkway. No worry about doing it yourself. We will help you to avoid injuries and save money on expensive snow removal equipment.

Get on our list for snow removal service. Gain peace of mind that comes when you know everything will be taken care of automatically without question from start to finish. Sounds great right?!

Are you concerned about who’s going to clear your driveway this winter? It can be a stressful task. That’s especially true if you have to do it all by yourself. With our dependable snow removal services, we will open up your parking area for you!

We offer 24-hour service, so no matter what Mother Nature may have in store with stormy weather, with Top Notch Property Services in Connecticut, there’s always a snow removal professional readily available.  We care about making sure you are dug out, no matter the time of day. Plus, you can book us in advance so you don’t have to worry about every approaching CT snowstorm. You’ll never even have to think about where you left that shovel! 

When you need a snow plow driver with experience to clear deep snow from your driveway and walkways, call Top Notch. Hiring a professional to shovel out your driveway or parking lot will save you aggravation, time, and money.

Shoveling snow can be challenging work depending on how big of a snowfall we get. Imagine pushing around heavy snow while you attempt to lift the heavy weight of it overhead repeatedly. It’s exhausting, even without battling other factors like cold temperatures, wind chill, and strong winds that make it even more difficult.

You could buy a snow blower, but then you worry about buying the right one and you need to make sure you’re prepared with a full tank of gas. Not only is that inconvenient, but it’s stressful and expensive! That’s why we recommend our snow plowing services in Sprague, Lisbon, Canterbury, and Griswold, CT for an easy option at an affordable rate. Our pricing starts as low as $50, depending on the size of your driveway.

Our snow removal equipment will leave you with a driveway that’s clear and safe. It’s surely a better option than struggling on your own with a shovel.

Working with a professional snow removal service is the smart way to go if you want your home or commercial property to be free of ice-filled sidewalks. Not only will it save time, energy, and money using someone else’s expertise, but it will also reduce the risk of injury. 

Stay safe! We will take care of the snow and ice so you can stay warm inside when the snow falls!

It’s never easy to clean up after a snowstorm, but we’re here for you! Simply schedule an appointment with Ryan in advance by calling (959) 444-3199. Our team of snow removal pros will come out and take care of everything when the snow accumulates.